DDT4All 5.5.0 (base 07.2019) – Super program for Renault + ELM327, ELS327, ObdLink

This application is work in progress, so be very careful when using expert mode. Using the application in nonexpert mode should not be harmful to your vehicle (leave the expert mode button released).

Do not use this software if you don’t have a strong knowledge of how a CAN network (or ECU) works, you can really do bad things with it, especially if you’re working on a vehicle.

Recommended diagnostic adapters:

  • OBDLink SX (STN1110 chip)
  • ELM327 USB (with original PIC18F25K80 chip)
  • ELM327 Bluetooth (with original PIC18F25K80 chip)
  • KW902 Bluetooth


  • Read/Clear DTC
  • Manual ECU request
  • Log recorder
  • Plugins system for automated functions
  • CAN / KWP2000 supported bus protocols
  • AutoScan ECUs and select the related files
  • Internal JSON file format for high-speed parsing
  • Database zip compression of converted JSON files
  • Can bus sniffing (Read/Decode non-ISOTP frames).

[Image: DDT4All.jpg]

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