[Tested] Full Review of Straxx Excel Password Remover in 2023

Excel sheets or workbooks are often protected with a password to prevent any unethical access. While password protection is a great feature to keep your file safe, sometimes it can also become a hassle when you forget the password. Straxx Excel Password Remover is a popular tool to remove password protection from Excel files.

Is the Straxx Excel Password Remover worth purchasing? Keep reading to find out an in-depth review of the program.

Part 1. Straxx Excel Password Remover Full Review

As the name suggests, the Straxx Excel Password Remover is a software tool that enables you to remove passwords from an excel file. It is a plugin that needs to be installed on your MS Excel sheet. After installing, you will find three buttons on the Excel file, which are Unprotect Workbook, Unprotect Sheet, and Unprotect All.

straxx excel password remover

The first two buttons are for removing password protection from your excel sheet and workbook. The third button removes all types of protection from your Excel file, and you will need the paid version to utilize it. Now let’s see the pros and cons of the tool.


  • Available free version for personal use.
  • Effectively remove any length of passwords.
  • It can also remove passwords with special characters.


  • It is not suitable to recover a password to open an Excel file.
  • You will need different versions of the tool for different versions of Excel, which is very inconvenient.
  • You can only utilize the free version of the tool on Excel 2010 and Excel 2007.
  • There are so many errors and glitches while installing it.
  • The premium version is pretty costly, considering its feature.
  • The program isn’t updated after 2017.

Part 2. Download and Use Straxx Excel Password Remover

Straxx Password Remover is easy to use, but the installation can be a bit confusing. Here is how to download and use the program.

  • First, download the tool from on your PC.
  • Launch Excel and open the excel sheet that is password-protected. After that, open the Straxx password remover software plugin. A warning will pop up on the screen. Click “Enable Macros” and press “Ok” in the subsequent window.

enable macros

  • Now go to “Tools” on Excel and click on “Unprotect Workbook” or “Unprotect Worksheet”. Doing this will remove the password protection from the workbook/worksheet. You will get a notification popup if the process is successful.

Part 3. Best Alternative to Straxx Excel Password Remover – FoneGeek for Excel

As you see, utilizing the Straxx tool is pretty straightforward. But the pro version of the tool is pretty costly ($28), and it also has some limitations. That is why we will not recommend you the Straxx Excel Password Remover for unprotecting Excel files. Instead, you can consider one of the alternatives to the program. There are many options out there that you can consider using. However, only a few of them can efficiently remove the password requirement. The FoneGeek for Excel is one such tool that you can consider using.

FoneGeek for Excel is a powerful tool that enables you to easily remove password protection from Excel sheets, workbooks, and files. Equipped with powerful technology, it can eliminate any sort of restrictions from your excel file. It can even recover excel passwords from a workbook or worksheet. Some top features of the program include:

  • Influential Attack Modes: There are four powerful modes with smart and advanced algorithms in the FoneGeek app for removing and recovering passwords within a short time.
  • Highly Secured: The developer of the tool is well-aware of the data security of the user. So, there is no possibility of data leakage or damage during the entire process.
  • High Success Rate: The tool can also remove all types of excel worksheets, workbooks, and VBA passwords with a 100% removal rate.
  • Straightforward to use: With the help of FoneGeek for Excel, you can unprotect your Excel file with just a click. You don’t require any expertise to use the tool.
  • Fully Compatible: The program works with all versions of MS Excel. It is also consistent with all types of Excel file formats.

How to Use FoneGeek for Excel

Recover Password to Open Excel File

Here are the steps you need to pursue to recover an Excel file password using FoneGeek for Excel:

Step 1. Download and launch the FoneGeek for Excel on your PC. You will see two buttons in the launch. Select “Recover Passwords” here.

choose recover password

Step 2. In the new window, click the “+” button and open the password-protected Excel file you want to unlock. After the file is uploaded, select a preferred recovery method based on your situation and tap “Next”.

choose attack type

Step 3. Now press the “Recover” button and wait until the program completes the unlocking of the file. When the procedure is finished, you will get a success notification on the screen with the recovered password. Use the password to unlock your file.

recover excel password

Remove Password from Excel Workbook, Worksheet or VBA Project

Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1. After launching the FoneGeek for Excel, press “Remove Restrictions” from the options.

remove restrictions mode

Step 2. Then click “Select a file” and upload the affected Excel Worksheet/workbook.

add excel file

Step 3. Press “Remove” after uploading the file to start the removal process. Within a few seconds, the restrictions from the file will be eliminated.

remove excel restrictions

Comparison of Straxx Excel Password Remover and FoneGeek for Excel

Both the Straxx Excel Password Remover and FoneGeek for Excel serve the same function, which is removing password protection from the excel files. However, some distinctions set them apart. They are as follows:

Straxx Excel Password Remover FoneGeek for Excel
Unprotect both Excel worksheet and workbook Apart from unprotecting the Excel workbook or worksheet, it can also recover the password
It cannot eliminate the VBA Project Password It can eliminate the VBA Project Password
It cannot recover the password FoneGeek can recover the opening password
There is a low success ratio in the free version The program assures a 100% success rate
It typically requires a long duration and can’t save the process FoneGeek auto-saves the process while recovering/removing passwords quickly
Only works with a few versions of Excel, including 2007, 2010, 2013, 2019, etc. and is useable only on Windows 7/8/10 It is fully compatible with all Excel versions and Windows OS.


As you see, the FoneGeek for Excel is much better and more efficient than the Straxx Excel Password Remover. You can be assured of ease of use, higher success rate, and full compatibility with the FoneGeek for Excel. Moreover, the tool by FoneGeek can also remove/recover all types of password protection from Excel files which Straxx can’t do. You can go for the FoneGeek for Excel without any further thoughts.

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